I'm Pregnant

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My twenty first birthday was a birthday to remember. Not just because I was entering what I considered adult-hood. I met the love of my life, except at the time I didn't realize it. He was cute, charming and really sweet.

I had recently exited a relationship with my "high school sweetheart" and I was blinded by being single for the first time in years. I couldn't see how amazingly awesome my future fiance was. We remained distant friends.

He was extremely persistent. Have you ever seen He's not just that into you(2009)? Gigi says "A wise person once told me that if a guy wants to be with a girl, he will make it happen, no matter what."

He called (at least) once a week, even away on extremely busy business trips. Usually much more. Even if I was quick to end the conversation he checked in just to say hi. When he was around town he made attempts to "bump" into me at my favorite spots. He took interest in everything I was passionate about.

After a year I gave him the go on an actual "date"... YES! a whole year! We quickly fell in love, and we spent almost every moment together. It really felt like a fairy tale, we would run off and do secret goofy things that none of our friends understood. We'd purposely go to movies that were about to be removed from the roster so we could ad-lib our own Rifftrax without disturbing anyone. We would go to toy stores just to ride the bikes.

Although being parents and getting married wasn't on our minds, it obviously was on our biological calendars.

The day I figured out I was pregnant I decided I wanted POM Juice. Like had-to-have-it-right-now and nothing is going to stop me. It was 8:40 at night; the grocery store closed at 9pm. It was nice out so I wanted to walk. It was a 30 minute walk away. So I did some speed walking and made it it the knick of time. I took my bounties to my workplace down the street, a cute blues & jazz diner.

I was off work and the place was quiet. I sat down and began chatting with my fellow co-workers (waitresses & hostesses) and began CHUGGING down 2 bottles of POM juice, followed by 3 bottles of POM tea. One turned to me and asked "Is something wrong?"... I looked at her and said nonchalantly "No, I just really wanted this juice, its my favorite". She grinned widely. I began chugging again,then it sank in... I placed down the resealable glass cup and called him.

"I'm pregnant"...

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