Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sears Kidvantage Club

Posted by Lauren Eggers at 7:26 AM
I'm not a frequent shopper of Sears. Especially for clothing. However, my aunt purchased a few pairs of jeans for Yaya from there. They came with a tag that said "Kidvantage Club" which explains if your child wears out the pants before they grow out of them that Sears will replace them for free.

Kidvantage club is Free

What is the Sears Kidvantage Club. As explained on the website:

  1. It's easy, you can sign up at the register at the store (so buying the above jeans is not auto enrollement)
  2. For every $100 spent on kids or infant clothing or shoes you receive a %15 off coupon for infants or childrens clothing
  3. The Wear Out Warranty If your infant or child wears out the clothing or shoes before the child grows out of them Sears will replace it FREE (only available in brick and mortar locations)
So at first thought I was thinking What a great idea! I should buy more clothing at Sears! 

Robeez look a likes offered at Sears
But then, I seriously thought about it. How many items has my daughter worn out of before outgrowing it?...
I thought and thought. I don't think she has worn through any one item yet, even at three years of age. Except maybe a few pairs of socks. Even her soft Hello Kitty slippers look practically brand new. In fact, I have several bags of infant-toddler clothing in bags she outgrew that are still in almost brand new condition (some of which were handed down to me from other moms)

In all honesty, this is beginning to seem like a marketing ploy.

Unless you're talking about an age where your child is at a growing standstill or they have a favorite pair of  pajamas I don't ever see a situation where they might actually wear through something. It might be a good idea for sports-wear clothing/sneakers for your child, or other situations where they are particularly rough on items of clothing, but otherwise. 

I'd like your input, what do you think of Sears Wear Out Warranty?


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I passed on an award to you! Your one of the blogs I read most often!

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