Monday, September 20, 2010

Yellow jackets almost ruined our beach trip.

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This past weekend was a lot of fun, but included some tears. We went fishing in Newport RI for Scup and Stripers. It was so beautiful out but we were being swarmed by yellow jackets. I warned Yaya about not messing with them.

As the day went on the two of us went looking for baby crabs as the men fished. Suddenly my little girl is screeching "MOMMY MOMMY". I picked her up, her eyes welling with tears."Mom, the crab BIT me!" and she showed me her ring finger. It had what looked like a pinch mark so at the time I assumed it was a crab. I held her close and calmed her tears. After she calmed down she began complaining it hurt more. Her finger was swelling 3-4x the normal size.

At this time I assumed it was no crab that pinched her, but a yellow jacket sting. I had her place her hand in the cool ocean as we packed up to head to the closest store for ice and cold water. The swelling continued.

I'm usually quite prepared, but I never expected her to be mildly allgeric to a sting as no one in either side of the family tree has an issue. The rest of her fingers swelled, as did her upper palm. The swelling went down before it became a concern, however.

In retrospect I should have had a more equiped first aid kit in the car containing Children's Benadryl(Dosing Chart). It is the first thing I'm going to purchase this week.

Also, I plan on talking to her pediatrician about possibility of a worse reaction if she gets stung again.

After the swelling went down we felt confident to continue our day... At another fishing spot. She was extremely happy afterwards. All in all, it worked out well.


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